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Sean Gallagher throws tantrum after original tantrum is ignored
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Gallagher has taken his election defeat with great magnanimity

Former Presidential candidate, Sean Gallagher, has lashed out after the Broadcasting Authority of
decided not to investigate a false tweet any further.

Passers-by said Gallagher “kicked and screamed” after hearing the news that while the BAI agreed with him, they would not be taking the matter any further.

One mother who saw the tantrum commented, “I felt kind of bad, he reminds me of my five year
old. Usually, she would throw a tantrum if she doesn’t get the lollypop she wants,” the mother
explained. “But I try to curb the strop by saying, look, I agree with you, you should be angry, it’s
unfair that you can’t have one but at the end of the day, it’s not worth going all the way back to the

A spokesperson for the BAI said, “Really it is unfair, and we took it seriously, and we feel RTE
need a good kick up the arse. But Gallagher does be ringing us non-stop, it just got annoying.” The
spokesperson added that there was no need to investigate it any further and that even if they
wanted to, Gallagher was simply too much to bare.

When asked if they thought the tweet could’ve been easily mistaken for a tweet from the Martin
McGuinness camp, they said, “Sure it was obvious it wasn’t a Sinn Fein tweet, they only deal in
paper. Have you seen the amount of ink they have? What do they need to be tweeting for?”

Commenting on the situation, Gallagher said this was outrageous. “They nearly had me, you
know. I thought, ‘that’s grand, I knew I was being mistreated’ but sure in the end it doesn’t matter
anyway ‘cause they don’t care. To make matters worse, yer man, that American lad took me job in
the den, and all me oversized wads of cash that sits on the table!”

Jenny Darmody

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