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5 Signs that your Home is Haunted by Ghosts

The Gardaí announced this morning that there has been an exponential growth in members of the public reporting ghostly behaviour taking place in their house. Here are 5 signs that you may have a ghost in your house...

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5 reasons the men of today are actually women

An article specifically dedicated to all the lady hating misogynists out there... (no we won't make you a sandwich)

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10 Festival Disasters

Ever gotten your head stuck in a portaloo? One of these lads has...

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Film Review: How to Train your Dragon 2

Toothless is back, and he's as adoreable as ever...

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10 Words your Elders are Confused by

This swag is cray, mam. I can't even.

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What your Drink of Choice says about You

What's your poision on these warm summer nights?

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The Social Media Matrix

"The Internet has shrunk our attention spans so much that we can only commit ourselves to 6-second clips of people falling off bicycles..."

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Should you learn to drive?

We weigh up the pros and cons, but the answer is yes. Yes you should.

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The Best Snapchats Ever Taken

Don't hate us for taking screenshots, it's for the good of snapkind...

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The Only Festival Survival Tips You Need

We know it's early, but we're just so excited!

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 Linking to O2 Do Not Interfere with Office Politics

O2 Do Not Interfere with Office Politics

Another angry customer enquiry...

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 Linking to Tesco Talks to Lonely Customers

Tesco Talks to a Lonely Customer 

Every little helps...

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What's in your future? Will it be the shift or a Larry Gogan Golden Shower?

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Student Cinema Discounts

What's the best way to watch a movie? Well in the theatre with lots of buttery popcorn of course. The only rub can be the price. Here are some options for the cinema loving college student.

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Hitman: Absolution Plays on Dark Humour

This game is not for the faint of heart. Find out if you can stomach the mix of game play and morbid jokes.

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